Tronic WMS, Shower Mixer

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WMS-mixers with possibilities of wireless connection (subscription is required).

Adjustable hygiene flushing, intervals and rinsing time (to avoid stagnant water).

Logging of all flushings with point of time, water consumption and temperature for individual mixer or group of mixers (minimum, maximum and average values).

Battery monitoring.

Built-in temperature measurements of mixed water temperature.

Programmable temperature stop, the mixer will turn off directly at set maximum temperature.

With shower connection down.

Thermostatic function.

Temperature handle with safety stop at 38°C.

Adjustable maximum temperature, pre-set to 42°C.

Soft closing solenoid valve.

Safe against vandalism, complete in metal.

The mixer is activated by holding a hand or a finger against the ring on the sensor. The mixer will run for 1 minute after being activated, the sensor will then recognize the individual and continue to run as long as there is someone in front of the mixer.

After a total of a 3 minutes shower, it will turn off automatically. If the person leaves the area in front of the shower it will turn off after 20 seconds. While showering the mixer can be manually turned off by holding a hand or a finger against the ring on the sensor.

Flush Timeout – safety shut-off to prevent flooding, maximum of 5 minutes.

Can be turned off by solenoid valve (eg: for cleaning).

Low power consumption – Long life.

Equipped with system for thermal disinfection against legionella.

Battery operation, can be converted to mains operation.

IP class sensor, IP67.

Approved non-return valves, EN-Standard EN1717.

Specifications (16802500)


Specifications (16812500)


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