Sensor Tap Maintenance & Cleaning Guide

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Below are tips to help sensor taps continue to function correctly and DIY fault checks if issues occur.

*NOTE: Each individual product may vary, for more detailed fault and cleaning tips refer to additional information tabs on product pages.

Fault Checks
No Water

Possible Cause – No Power. | Solution – Ensure power is turned on, Check connection, replace batteries.


Water Will Not Turn Off

Possible Cause – Sensor Obstructed. | Solution – Clean Sensor.


Too Little Water Flow

Possible Cause – Low water pressure/pressure is turned down. | Solution – Adjust/raise the pressure.

Possible Cause – The filter or solenoid is dirty. | Solution – Clean the filter. Clean/replace solenoid.


Too Much Water Flow

Possible Cause – Water pressure is too high. | Solution – Adjust the pressure.


Indicator Light Off/Flashing

Possible Cause – Batteries are low/flat | Solution – Replace Batteries.

Possible Cause – Bad connection. | Solution – Check power connections.


Tap Is Self Activating

Possible Cause – All infra-red technology can be affected by strong or directional light, reflective surfaces or high-viz clothing. | Solution – This is due to environmental factors and is not a product fault.



Possible Cause – Loose connections | Solution – Make sure the water connections are tightened properly. Also make sure you have used the right rubber washers (where appropriate).


Maintenance & Cleaning
Clean The Faucet

DO NOT use steel wool or cleansing agents containing alcohol, acid, abrasives, or the like. Use of any prohibited cleaning or maintenance products or substances could damage the surface of the sensor unit. For surface cleaning of the faucet use ONLY soap and water, then wipe dry with clean cloth or towel. When cleaning bathroom tile, the unit should be protected from any splattering of harsh cleansers.


Clean The Sensors

Turn OFF tap to prevent activation. Wipe sensors using a soft cloth and non-abrasive cleaner, ensuring sensor is clear from foreign objects, finger prints, grease and water marks.


Clean & Check For Blockages

Turn OFF water supply, remove connections and filters from solenoid valve. Wash components under running water and reconnect ensuring there are no water leaks.