How Do Sensor Taps Work?


Here is a 7 Step guide to how an infrared sensor tap works.

1. System MUST Have Power
Mains Power or Battery is required to operate the tap.

2. Sensor Detects An Object
Once hands are place within range, the infrared sensor will activate.

3. Solenoid Valve Opens
The solenoid in the tap will activate and open the valve.

4. Water Flows
Water will flow from the water outlet, through the solenoid valve and out through the faucet.

5. Sensor Detects No Object
Once the hands are removed the sensor will detect no object.

6. Solenoid Valve Closes
The solenoid then re-activates and closes off the valve..

7. Water Stops Running
The water flow is then stopped at the point of the solenoid valve until it is re-activated.


Settings can be adjusted on a range of sensor taps, click “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION” on each of the product pages from our website for tap specifications.