5 Problem Solving Bathroom Solutions

In the world of the COVID-19 pandemic our “new normal” has increased the demand for contactless, hygienic bathroom products now more than ever. This trend will continue as we look to come out of the pandemic, with people more aware that contactless is the best solution for enhanced hygiene. To stay ahead of the game these are the bathroom products you need to know about in order to maximise people’s health and safety.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises that regular handwashing is one of the best ways to remove germs, avoid getting sick, and prevent the spread of germs to others. Germs spread from hands to surfaces and back again, with wet hands more likely to transfer and pick up germs.

The key to hand hygiene is limiting the number of surfaces and objects you touch, thoroughly washing hands and then thoroughly drying them. With regards to drying hands, research has found that there is no credible scientific evidence to suggest either paper towels or hand dryers are the most hygienic. Making sure they are dry is key (although avoiding a previously used towel is advisable).


The 5 products you need to provide the most hygienic bathroom experience.

Sensor Flush for toilets and urinals 

A cause for concern is touching flushing devices, whether it’s pulling the chain on the cistern for urinals or touching a dirty button like hundreds before you.

Eradicate the need to touch these by considering the various options in infrared sensors, timers and touch free technology. Whether its waving your hand in front of the sensor to activate a full or half flush, setting a scheduled flush for your urinal with a timer or activating a motion sensor to flush when you leave, there is a range of products to minimise the number of surfaces you make contact with. 

For more information and our range of sensor flushing devices Here.

Wash And Dry Tap

What about limiting movement in a washroom? This means less mess on the floor, less contact with others, as well as efficiently allowing people in and out of the washroom in the quickest time possible.

A great option is the Dyson Wash and Dry Tap. This innovation from Dyson automatically switches between water and air, with no need to touch dirty taps or buttons. You can wash your hands in 20 second and dry them in just 14.

The Dyson Wash and Dry Tap is available as a wall or bench mounted fixture.

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Sensor Liquid Soap Dispenser 

If you are avoiding touching the toilet flush, manually turning on the tap and touching the hand dryer, why make contact with the soap dispenser? 

There are multiple solutions for automatic soap dispensers, with a wide range of bench mounted or wall mounted dispensers, we guarantee there is a solution for your bathroom.

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Sensor Shower Mixer

Another and often forgotten about surface that is constantly handled, is the shower mixer. How much time is spent continually adjusting the lever to get the correct water flow and temperature, like many before you have? 

The Rada Sense Digital Mixing Valve is a great solution. This wall-mounted infra-red no touch sensor control panel can be programmed for on/off control, temperature adjustment and an automatic water shut off. Not only is the Rada Sense Digital Mixing Valve more hygienic it maximises water savings.

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Air and Surface Sterilisers

How can you make sure the air and surfaces are being cleaned 24/7? To minimise the risk of germs in the bathroom, Air and Surface Sterilisers are an essential component.

Air and Surface Sterilisers easily rid washrooms of germs and bad smells. Complimenting routine cleaning practices, they consistently kill up to 98% of germs like Covid-19, Influenza, Clostridium Difficile, Listeria, E coli and more…

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Hands Free Hygiene have a wide range of touchless product solutions which will help you solve the increasing challenges that are occurring during these COVID-19 times. Contact us to discuss the products and solutions that are right for you.

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