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Smart Command is an ecosystem of intelligent bathroom solutions. It enables building managers to monitor water use in real-time and make smarter decisions than reduce maintenance costs, while improving hygiene and up time. The Smart Command system features wireless technology which is seamlessly integrated with Caroma’s range of touchless bathroom products. This enables continuous and precise tracking of every detail, from water consumption to the number of activations. Data collected can be accessed locally from a mobile app or integrated to an existing Building Management Systems or on cloud platforms. With the ability to access such information, facility managers are empowered to make informed decisions and monitor the impact in realtime; driving efficiencies such as cleaning and maintenance resourcing. Smart Command is the missing link for measuring and monitoring a buildings performance. Our aim is to make life easier for building owners and managers by creating superior, sustainable solutions for water, now and into the future.

  • Responsive infrared sensing electronic basin tap designed for commercial applications
  • Reassurance LED upon activation. Configurable to three separate colour modes (Cold/Warm/Hot)
  • Enhanced self–configuring features which assist the sensors to understand the surrounding surfaces
  • Hob mounted with easy access to serviceable components
  • Touch free activation for improved hygiene, ideal for high–traffic and commercial settings Bluetooth enabled for direct access from a smart device and also communication to Gateway*
  • Caroma Smart Command mobile app enables faster commissioning and maintenance

Includes BlueTooth adaptor which allows the user to configure the operating parameters, view fixture status and review usage data through a BMS system or Smartphone application.

BlueTooth capability enables data to be sent to either a cloud database or BMS (Building Management System) where users can utilise service offers including usage, water data and micro services such as service alerts at a fixture, bathroom or building level.

  • Designed with retrofit capability
  • Hard wearing, low maintenance and solid brass construction
  • Kit includes outlet and control box and power supply. Control box can be installed remotely up to 2m distance from outlet



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