Isolating Mixing Valve

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Isolating mixing valve for use with the Enviro-Tech sensor tap range

Most of our sensor taps accept a single feed water supply only. This isolating mixing valve (ET-HCV) allows you to premix the water and turn off the water supply to your tap easily.

Supplied in a polished chrome finish, it is a stylish option for pedestal and wall hung basins where it will be in view in the bathroom.

Easy to install, the mixing valve simply attaches direct to the tap control box and accepts the hot and cold water feeds.

Once the water is premixed, it is delivered to your tap at a constant and pre-set temperature of your choosing.

Use of this valve rather than a standard mixing valve, allows you to better control the flow of water and temperature when needed.

It is recommended that you always use an isolating mixing valve when installing Enviro-Tech sensor taps.

Installation of this mixing valve helps ensure hassle free maintenance of an individual tap control box in the future.

The water supply can be easily turned off at the valve, thus avoiding the need to shut off the water to the entire bathroom during maintenance of the tap,

It also allows the other bathroom taps to remain in operation throughout the maintenance process.


  • Polished chrome finish
  • Neat styling – allows for placement in view if required
  • Recommended for install with all our single feed sensor taps
  • A simple water mixer – allows you to change from hot to cold easily
  • Acts as an isolating valve – easy water shut-off to allow for maintenance of your sensor tap

Technical Parameters

  • Water Inlets – 15mm 1/2G
  • Water pressure – 100kPa-500kPa (do not exceed 500kPa)
  • Use flexi-hose at water inlets (not supplied)
  • Must ensure equal water pressure of hot/cold water for correct function

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