Infrared Liquid Soap Dispenser

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Electronic soap dispenser activated by an infrared sensor. When the user places their hand within the sensor range, the soap dispenser delivers the soap.

Chrome plated brass.

1.8ml of soap per dispensing cycle. Dose is adjustable in factory or on-site by means of the Dolphin key ring remote control.

2 year guarantee.

Powered by 12v Transformer.

Sensor range: 50mm.

1,000ml refillable plastic container. (no need to purchase unique soap reservoirs like for other soap dispensers, just to refill the soap or alcogel).

The peristaltic pump allows the use of different soap viscosities, including antibacterial gels.

Easy to use refill button (either on the dispenser pump, or by means of the Remote Control).

Ideal with Dolphin Blue’s touch free electronic taps – suits the design and look.

Bottle support kit available for remote installation.

Power connections: soap dispenser: female / power source: male.

Draws maximum current of 0.5A at sensor activation.