Degradable Multiliners (6 x 25 bags/roll)

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Multiliners are strong and durable bin liners designed for use in Wastecare and Femcare Bins. However, they are also suitable for a range of commonly used bins such as kitchen cans, pedal bins and office waste baskets.

Suitable for both commercial and domestic environments, Multiliners have a soft finish and are delicately fragranced with lavender odour neutraliser to counteract and mask unpleasant odours.

Rest-assured, Multiliners are made with the biodegradable additive TDPA® (Total Degradable
Plastic Additive). TDPA® is sensitive to the exposure of raised temperatures, ultraviolet rays, and mechanical stress which prompts modified plastic to degrade quickly in a decomposable environment (such as landfill, compost, water or soil). TDPA® is non-toxic to sensitive plant and animal life.

Multiliners are non-absorbent and non-permeable.


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