The Dolphin Behind Mirror Modular System is the NEW solution to an age old problem. This modular system has been developed for all types of applications with input from our clients, architects, designers, contractors and facilities staff.

When designing a washroom, much time can be spent designing the hand washing area. Dolphin has seriously reduced design and installation time by bringing a fully integrated modular unit to the project with everything fitted and even including clever extras not available until now.

This modular unit incorporates all the facilities needed to wash, soap and dry your hands standing in the same position, including the latest technology for infrared sensor taps, high speed low energy hand dryers and infra-red foam soap system. The ‘plug and play’ design of the module minimises the time spent designing, constructing and servicing this area, with the only requirements being a structurally sound wall of almost any construction plus hot and cold water connections and electricity supply.

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